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Mini Pinatas

Custom Mini pinatas

custom mini pinatas

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Star mini pinata

Order your mini pinatas today for your fiesta decoration, party, custom designs or company logo. We custom make you mini pinatas to fit your event, festival or party. Perfect to give as a gift bag stuffers and decorations order today! The Cascaron Store mini pinata. 

Custom Pinata for you!

taco pinata
Maracas mini pinata
Margarita mini pinata

Donkey Mini Pinata

Donkey Mini Pinata
donkey mini pinata
donkey mini pinata

Fiesta Star Pinata

fiesta star pinata

fiesta star pinata

fiesta star mini pinata
star mini pinata

Event Custom Mini Piñatas

event custom mini pinatas

Custom mini piñatas with your company logo for your party, event or convention​

Need your company logo as a piñata? We make your event more fun to connect with your guests. We create custom mini piñatas with your event, convention, party or anniversary logo. Place your logo mini piñata at your tables or give them as gifts to your guests or party stuffers. We are The Cascaron Store, San Antonio Top custom mini piñatas designers. 

Custom Mini Pinatas

custom large order of piñatas

mini pinatas store


Fiesta Mini Pinatas

Custom Mini Pinatas for conventions, events, advertising, marketing, promotion, displays, grand opening, gift stuffers for guests, table decorations, store or restaurant logo displays. Yes we make your product or company a pinata logo a pinata! Promote and connect with your target audience! Production and advertising in San Antonio? Let us make you custom pinatas that your guests or target audience will love to take home! The Cascaron Store is #1 Custom Pinata Makers!! Contact Us: Email Us: [email protected] 

Fiesta Mini Pinatas Party Decoration Designs by The Cascaron Store

Call Us (210) 279-1889 

Margaritas Mini Pinatas Fiesta Party Decoration

beer mini pinatas

custom mini pinatas for your event, convention or marketing product. We custom make large order of custom mini pinatas to display your product, festival or event. Custom company or business logo or product as a mini pinata are perfect to give to your guests, display your product in stores for fiesta, Cinco de Mayo, Hispanic Herritage month or day of the dead. Let us design your mini pinatas to decorate your store display. Contact Us: The Cascaron Store Email: [email protected] / Call us: (210) 279-1889

custom party event mini pinatas
Number pinata
fortnite llama pinata

fiesta mini pinatas party decorations

Fiesta Star Mini Pinata Party Decoration by The Cascaron Store

custom beer pinatas

Beer Mini Pinatas

fiesta mini pinatas decorations

Tacos Mini Pinatas Fiesta Decoration

Alamo Heights Fiesta Party Decorations & Fiesta Wreaths

fiesta tacos mini pinatas table decorations

fiesta maracas mini pinatas

fiesta mini pinatas guitars

margaritas mini pinatas fiesta decorations

fiesta star mini pinatas

fiesta guitar pinata

fiesta cactus mini pinatas

fiesta star colorful mini pinatas

Maracas Mini Pinatas Fiesta Decoration by the cascaron store

Donkey Mini Pinata Fiesta Decoration by The Cascaron Store

Mini Guitars Pinatas by The Cascaron Store Fiesta Decorations

Margaritas Mini Pinatas fiesta decorations

Mini pinatas for all your event table decorations. We custom mini pinatas with your company logo, event design or product display decorations.

Mini Pinata Decoration Fiesta Decor

Mustage Mini Pinata Fiesta Decoration

Beer Mini Pinata Fiesta Decoration by The Cascaron Store

Fiesta Beer Mini Pinata

Donkey Mini Pinata

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Fiesta Mini Pinatas Party Decorations for your table center piece, guests gift bag fillers mini pinatas, San Antonio, Alamo Heights fiesta store The Cascaron Store Fiesta Top Decorations. Buy and fill your baskets, We custom company, business, event and business logo mini pinatas. Place your order of mini pinatas today!

Cactus Mini Pinata by The Cascaron Store Fiesta

Taco Mini Pinata Fiesta Party Decoration by The Cascaron Store

Maracas Mini Pinatas Fiesta Party Decoration

Beer Advertising Pinatas

Custom Mini Pinatas with your company, product, store or convention logo! We custom mini pinatas for marketing, promotion, display, event tables, convenient store displays, convention gift bags in San Antonio, Texas. Our creative pinata sculpture designers create pinatas that will connect your guests & target audience to your company, corporation or product. 

Contact Us:

Email Us: [email protected]

Call or Text Us: (210) 279-1889

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